We Move – hip hop leadership programme moves into second year

Year 2 of the We Move hip hop leadership programme is well under way, but with their first in-person meeting happening this evening it feels like an opportune time to put a spotlight on the creative team and this year’s cohort. 

We Move is a free 9-month leadership development programme tailored to the needs of hip hop dance creatives and producers looking to raise their game and elevate the art form to the next level.

This year’s programme is being led by Creative Consultant Gaylene Gould supported by Producer Rachel Evans, and Enablers Vicki Igbokwe & Will Taylor, with evaluated by University of East London.

“It’s such an honour to be part of the We Move journey. What excites me about working with Hip-Hop professionals is the particular brand of entrepreneurial creativity and collaborative spirit that marks the form.

This has inspired a new kind of leadership support programme that is co-created, collaborative, led by passion and where each of us teaches each one of us. Being part of the Support Crew with Rachel, the producer, and Enablers Will and Vicki is a great opportunity to learn how to help shape a more flexible and responsive learning and development framework.

This is a dynamic collective experiment led by a group of truly smart and energised cultural shapers. The lessons learned will help us co-create a sector that is expansive enough for us all.”  Gaylene Gould, Founder and Creative Director of The Space To Come

The 12 incredible creative leaders that make up the 2021-22 Cohort are:

Read more about the programme structure here

We Move Consortium Partners are Boy Blue, Breakin’ Convention, East London Dance, University of East London, ZooNation: The Kate Prince Company

We Move is Funded by Arts Council England