Producers House Begins

Members of the Producers House Programme

We were excited to begin Producers House today, a new professional development programme that will support a dedicated cohort of incredible producers/creatives to expand their portfolio, grow the projects and programmes they are working on and get networked into the ever-increasing demand for skilled producers in dance, arts and cultural events.

Producers House offers a gear change and a much-needed transition to support producers in making a more sustainable career. Through created & shared resources the programme will help them to work smarter with organisations, artists and independently and connect them into the exciting and ever-growing arts & cultural landscape in east London.

The programme, which runs for 9 months, combines short-course skills boosting training, networking, mental health and wellbeing masterclasses, and a pairing with an east London based arts and culture organisation which will equip the participants with the knowledge, confidence and connections to move freely between organisations and their own independent work. We look forward to introducing you to the cohort over the coming months and sharing their progress.

Producers House is funded by Foundation For Future London, Arts Council England and supported by Sadler’s Wells