BBC Radio 3 Concert with choreography by Duwane Taylor

East London Dance is delighted to have produced a momentary return to live performance in partnership with the BBC Singers.

On Sunday 8 November BBC Radio 3 presented a performance of Veljo Tormis’ dramatic ‘Curse Upon Iron’, sung by the BBC Singers and conducted by Ben Palmer

What made this classical music radio concert a little different was that it was accompanied by live dance performance. Showcasing a powerful choreographic interpretation of the music by Duwane Taylor, the piece featured incredible, emotive krump performances from Duwane, Jonadette Carpio and Viviana Rocha.

You can take a look for yourself in the below trailer and we highly recommend that you catch the full 11 minutes piece here, available until 7 December, 2020.

Duwane also did a great Q&A session about the piece with the BBC, which you can read here.

If you wish to listen to the whole concert in full you can do so here, until 7 December 2020.