Orator, Far From the Norm, 2016. photo credit: Carmen Klammer

Performed by Botis Seva’s dance company Far From the Norm, Orator was a 360 degree dance installation brimming full of provocative visual imagery. The lines between spectators and performers were blurred as audiences were encouraged to roam deeper into Orator’s lair.

Orator achieved a sold out a five night run at VAULT Festival in Waterloo, the largest underground festival in the UK in February 2016.

Cast & Creative Team
Director: Botis Seva
Devisers & performers: Jordan Douglas, Shangomola Edunjobi, Lee Griffiths, Joshua Nash, Ezra Owen, Victoria Shulungu
Project Manager: Sharlene Carter
Designer: Charlie Cridlan
Lighting Designer: Chloe Kenward
Sound Designer: Torben Lars Sylvest
Spatial Sound Designer: Chris Timpson

Commissioned and co-produced by East London Dance

Film credit: Alice Underwood


DateFebruary 2016

Location The Vaults

PartnersCommissioned and Co-produced by East London Dance. Supported by Arts Council England.


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