Summer in the City

Photo by Youness El Mouaffaq

Over two days of Summer 2023 East London Dance took over New Street Square and Aldgate Square in the City to present a live programme of stunning dance performances and workshops, as part of Bartholomew Fair.

New Street Square Takeover

For our New Street Square Takeover on 31 August we brought incredible South Asian, Afro Dance, Krump and physical theatre performances to the City.

Gallery images by GalleryMarso

Afro Dance collective Roots and More and Krump artists Jordan JFunk & Sasha Shadid brought fire to the square with high energy dynamic performances that got the crowd on their feet. 

Chandenie Gobardhan brought her fantastically epic piece Rudra to the Capital for the first time since its premiere at the Messums Festival of Dance, whilst fellow Messums performer John-William Watson showcased incredible physicality through a mesmerising duet with a chair!

Capping off the evening Mr Wilson Second Liners gave a brass band flavour to an impromptu dance cypher.


Aldgate Social Jam

Our Aldgate Social Jam a few days later on 9 September at Aldgate Square was a family affair.

Gallery images by Youness El Mouaffaq

Participants of all ages braved the heat on one of the hottest days of the year to take part in free Bollywood, Breaking, Samba, Salsa and Afro Dance workshops, plus the sunbathing crowds enjoyed performances from IMD Youth, Kofi MingoBollyred and AfroQueens.

Film by Helz

It was fantastic few days and a pleasure to be able to bring the local community come together, showcase some amazing talent and get the City Dancing!

Next up we’ll be continuing our local engagement and bringing more workshops and dance activities to local community centres in the City area!

East London Dance’s New Street Square Takeover and Aldgate Social Jam were part of Bartholomew Fair, delivered by City of London