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AIM Collective at The Talent House. Photo DukeLDN

OUR HOUSE is a brand-new East London Dance programme which hands over creative control of our programming to independent artists and collectives for a week at a time, to make the decisions within our artistic offer and curate activity at our home The Talent House.

“OUR HOUSE is part of East London Dance’s commitment to support the careers of independent artists and producers and the creation of new work; and to make our new building a resource and home for our artistic communities.” Tia Hassan and Kate Scanlan East London Dance’s joint Creative Director and Chief Executive

We are thrilled to announce the first three curators and collectives who will be taking over The Talent House in our first season, to support and celebrate their artform, communities and peers.

For the most up to date details of each takeover visit our Events pages.

OUR HOUSE 1 – from 7 – 12 March, 2022

For the first OUR HOUSE week, 7 – 12 March, Shawn Aimey and his all-female AIM Collective who specialise in popping, will be taking over the building with a focus on UK Street and Club Culture. Highlights of the week will include a panel discussion on the history of UK styles, a film screening and showcase, popping workshops, and a multi-style dance battle and afterparty.

“Our takeover seeks to unite the UK street dance community by documenting and celebrating the scene’s rich history, reconnecting with its roots, promoting cross-generational connections, and celebrating our collective body of work.” Shawn Aimey, Artistic Director of Aim Collective

OUR HOUSE 2 – from 28 March – 2 April, 2022

Between 28 March – 2 April dance creatives Daniel Phung & Kayleigh Price will curate a ‘ReConnect’ themed week at The Talent House aimed at bringing the community together again and focusing on artists’ needs. They will present workshops on producing, dramaturgy and bid writing; a dance and music experimental exchange; a social community experiment: and a scratch night for new productions that are in the research and development stage.

“We’re bringing in dancers, musicians, digital artists, and producers to take part in a week consisting of four activities -  Talk,  Learn,  Exchange and Present. The week will put the artistic community at the forefront, as it’s all about you, the artist.” Daniel and Kayleigh

OUR HOUSE 3 – from 16 – 22 May, 2022

Dance Collective, Rain Crew, presents The Hive for the third OUR HOUSE take over between 16 – 22 May. A week of cross-pollination of practice, skills and culture, where the Collective and participants will cultivate a hive mind and unite as a community. Highlights will include collaborative installations, multi-disciplinary performances, interactive battles and brainstorm sessions.

“The Hive will be an interactive week of activities where we celebrate the diversity of east London and the dance community by platforming unique voices, driving unusual partnerships and challenging artists. Expect good music, great artists, some learning and most of all; Fun!” Clint Sinclair, Executive Director of Rain Crew

If you want to discuss ideas for a takeover of The Talent House or want more details about how you can get involved as an OUR HOUSE curator, please contact our Artist Support Producer Maren Ellermann at maren.ellermann@eastlondondance.org

OUR HOUSE is funded by an Arts Council England Project Grant and supported by Sadler’s Wells


OUR HOUSE is funded by an Arts Council England Project Grant and supported by Sadler’s Wells

OUR HOUSE takes place at:

The Talent House
3 Sugar House Lane
E15 2QS

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