OUR HOUSE – Sensoria

22 - 24 March, 2024

OUR HOUSE is an East London Dance programme which hands over creative control of our programming to independent artists and collectives for a week at a time, to make the decisions within our artistic offer and curate activity at our home, the Talent House.

SENSORIA: OUR HOUSE (Friday 22 to Sunday 24 March 2024)

For their OUR HOUSE takeover Sensoria is curating three days of activity at the Talent House that prioritise artistic slowness, sustainability and de-growth. 

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering with East London Dance on the SENSORIA: OUR HOUSE. A space to express, educate and exchange through movement and music for and by the disabled, neurodiverse and chronically ill arts communities.” Founder & Creative Director, Saskia Horton 


The Talent House, 3 Sugar House Lane, London E15 2QS

  • Friday 22nd March, 2-7pm: Meet the Creatives & Panel Discussions – A welcoming hub for disabled, chronically ill and neurodiverse artists and their communities.
  • Saturday 23rd March, 10-6pm: Workshops – Accessible dance music and arts workshops led by disabled practitioners who are a part of our wider community.
  • Sunday 24th March, 12-6pm: Sensory Safe Cypher Jam – An immersive sensory-safe jam experience guided by the SENSORIA team and arts practitioners.



We’re building radical accessibility and infrastructures of care into art spaces prioritising slowness, sustainability and de-growth in the curation of our events. 

Slowing down is a radical act in today’s society. ‘Slowness’ in practice breaks down ableist standards, and supports artists to care for themselves and have autonomy over their practice. ‘Sustainability’ looks like embedding collective care within our practices, spaces and experiences in the disabled community and wider society. Normalising care for ourselves and for our communities. De-growth explores how to grow outside capitalist frameworks through collective action, finding innovative ways of fundraising and support. 

Our work centres around co-creation and collaboration with the disabled community, creating safe spaces in the arts. For the first OUR HOUSE event we are so happy to hold this space and invite you to join us:

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This event is produced by Maren Ellermann for East London Dance and Saskia Horton and Cleo Savva for Sensoria.  


OUR HOUSE – SensoriaSensoria

Date22 - 24 March, 2024


Location The Talent House
3 Sugar House Lane
E15 2QS