RISE – Creative Career Development

East London Dance | One Dance UK | China Plate Theatre

Taking place every November, RISE is a free online creative careers event to elevate skills, explore careers and network for early / mid-career creatives.

Co-designed and co-produced by members and alumni of China Plate and East London Dance’s training and development programmes and One Dance UK’s Dance Ambassadors, RISE is designed to empower you by offering direction through skill-building, career exploration, and community-building.

The holistic approach equips you with tools to nurture your body and mind, recognising them as your essential tools for success and gives you practical tips to start or progress with projects.

Below you will find recordings of sessions from the 2022 edition of RISE:

No Pain, No Gain – highlights from our panel discussion which brought together creatives from different disciplines to share their thoughts on protecting yourself from burnout. Panelists: Cathy Waller, Kevin Turner, Marissa McCallam, Shauna O’Briain and Dan Edge.


Dreaming & Planning – highlights from day two, including a short activity to allow you to dream BIG and begin to think about the next steps to get you your dreams by Levan Peart (alumnus of The Fi.ELD) followed by 5 top tips from Akosua Boakye on Achieving Your Goals.


Taxes 101 – top tips from Cathy Waller’s session on the difference between freelance and PAYE, and how to do a tax return as a freelancer.

Please note: These are tips created from information on self-employed tax returns in the financial year 2021/22. For the latest information and guidance go to this link: gov.uk/self-assessment-tax-returns