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Photo: Emma Kerr

The Fi.ELD is a unique initiative to develop the future innovators of dance, aged 16-25 years, equipping them with the skills and resources they need to make their ideas happen.

Under the leadership of Kate Scanlan (Scanner’s Inc, freelance producer and one of the founders of Breakin’ Convention) the collective learn from industry leaders and gain practical hands on experience of producing their own event.

The programme includes:

  • The Residential: a weekend away in Bournemouth with Pavilion Dance South West to get to know each other
  • The Know-how (monthly): skills and knowledge development sessions on topics including fundraising and financial management, event management and marketing and PR
  • The Studio (weekly): a free dance studio programme at Stratford Circus, which is curated and managed by the Fi.ELD to engage other young people
  • Intensives: Subjects include training in technical production, teaching, marketing and PR
  • Fi.ELD Trips: networking, seeing productions and visiting venues across London
  • Hands On: professional experience in project management and teaching
  • Pitch Tuesday: pitching ideas, dragon’s den style! The Fi.ELD collective will produce all funded projects
  • Fi.ELD Festival: the public opportunity to experience the events and projects designed and produced by the members

We are currently in Year 2 of a three year funded programme and will be recruiting for Year 3 in Autumn 2014.

Read an interview with The FI.ELD Facilitator here:

The Fi.ELD year 1 documented their learning, see what they achieved during 2013-2014:


Photo: Emma Kerr

Photo: Emma Kerr

Photo: Emma Kerr

Photo: Emma Kerr

Photo: Emma Kerr

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Date2012 - present

Location Stratford Circus

PartnersSupported by Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and Active Newham

Kate Scanlan

Emma Kerr

More Details
If you are interested in learning more about The Fi.ELD or want to apply in the future please email



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