Our offer

Dancing Landscapes. Photo: Hugo Glendinning

Our Offer

For audiences

We creatively produce and present a diverse range of performances and events, both at our home in Stratford Circus and across east London. Events include theatre performances, outdoor and site-specific shows, digital broadcasts and special appearances at festivals. Our innovative approach to programming means that audiences get a unique experience and artists explore new ways to present their work. We also produce work that tours outside of east London so keep an eye out for a show near you.

For artists

We are renowned for identifying, nurturing and championing diverse artists with distinct artistic voices. We build long-term relationships with artists and have a broad offer of support and professional development for artists at all stages of their career. We prioritise working with people that have a connection to east London and that meet our artistic values. Check out our offer here and keep up to date with the latest opportunities. You can also see who we are currently working with here.

For children and young people

Children and young people are at the heart of our organisation. We are renowned particularly for the empowerment of young people with a tailored and responsive offer that helps young people to develop their ideas and artistry (see The Fi.ELD). We offer a range of open classes and progression routes, including major performance projects, creative residencies and opportunities to showcase work.

For adults and older people

We offer a range of regular classes as well as exciting, ambitious projects with amazing artists for people to join in. Our work with older people has generated lots of interest – both in our wonderful dancers in Leap of Faith and in the delivery models we have developed.

For schools

We work with schools in all sorts of ways and can develop bespoke projects to meet their needs. We help schools achieve Arts Mark and pupils to gain Arts Awards.

For partners and clients

A huge amount of our work is delivered in partnership. We bring our dance expertise and extensive knowledge of our local communities to creative collaborations with all sorts of different organisations. You can see all our partners here or find out how to commission our services here.