Blood + Water Installation: Open call out for audio, visual and dance contributions

Call out for audio & visual content for an online installation

Photo by Kim Chi Le


MESA Festival is looking for audio and visual contributions to be featured in Blood + Water, an audiovisual installation that seeks to challenge the traditional idea of family.

We want you to create/record an audio, visual or dance piece which best represents what family means to you, who your family is or even who you’d like them to be.

This could be anything from vocalising your own definition of family, or an abstract visual creation, to a scripted short film or telling stories of your experience in a non-nuclear family and anything in between. Whatever you feel comfortable sharing!

All forms of audio and visual/dance creation will be accepted, including but not limited to:

  • Audio: poetry, spoken word, foley, musical recordings and voice notes
  • Visual/Dance: freestyle or improvisation, choreographed piece, animation, short films, photography and motion graphics

This can be existing work that you feel relates to the theme of family or work especially created for this installation. The chosen audio selections will be collated into a thought provoking soundscape, forming the audio component of our installation. The chosen visuals/dances will be used at various stages within the installation or merged with others to form the visual component. If you submit work you may also be invited to take part in the recording of a short podcast series that will explore traditional and non-traditional ideas of family in further detail.

Blood + Water will be presented in a specially curated digital space.

Before applying please read our terms and conditions below and see our info sheets for some ideas, prompts, and a full specification. We invite you to interpret this brief as you see fit and let your creativity flow freely. Abstract, literal, broad or specific, we are interested in it all.

Audio call out info sheet

Visual call out info sheet


To apply, please complete this Google Form by 30th September 2020 at 12:00pm

TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR TAKING PART (please read before submitting a creation):

These audios and videos will be used for the exhibition as part of the Fi.ELD Mesa Festival, and shared online on social media platforms. By sending us a audio or video you confirm that you have gained permission from everyone featured in the video to appear in this project, understand that there will be no payment to you or anyone featured in the video for sharing the footage with us and are giving us permission to edit it as we see fit, to send it onto a third party for additional design and/or production, to display it at the festival 19-25 October, plus, an additional 3 months past this date and to share it online for promotional purposes. Please note the final edited audios and videos may also be shared by third parties. The raw audios and videos will be stored securely until December on a private hard drive, after which point they will be deleted. Any footage shared on social media will remain on those platforms and in any places they are embedded. We retain the right to not use your audio or video in the exhibition. Once Fi.ELD Festival tickets are on sale we will send a discount code to the email address from which you sent us your video, there is no cash alternative. You’ll be able to use this code to purchase a free ticket to the installation and gathering.

This opportunity is programmed as part of Mesa Festival: a week-long, multi-arts festival that aims to engage young artists, elevate underrepresented voices and provide a seat at the table for those without one. It is produced by the Fi.ELD, a unique programme from East London Dance to develop the future innovators of dance, equipping them with skills and resources to make their ideas happen.


DateDeadline 30 September, 2020


Location Online