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Rosie Whitney-Fish & Company

Creative Mission

Rosie Whitney-Fish & Company has a mission to create innovative, beautiful work captivating and surprising audiences through exciting performances. The company produce high quality, cross art form education projects and site specific performance. Rosie believes that dance has the power to transform lives through watching and participating. She has a commitment to reaching new audiences and taking art to new and unexpected places.


Rosie is a London based choreographer with a resumé spanning ten years.  Working throughout the UK and internationally, she is primarily an independent artist, with parallel careers in commercial, participatory and educational settings.

As an artist, Rosie Whitney-Fish creates and presents witty, thought-provoking dance performance-experiences, which reflect slices of British culture, revealing surreal, humorous and beautiful aspects within. Inspired by archival research, the work is theatrically and visually strong, creating a sense of escapism. Rosie Whitney-Fish is at home working in professional, community and education settings and across art forms.  She collaborates with artists from the worlds of fashion, film and design.  Frequently the work is created for and in non-conventional performance spaces in site specific and site sensitive contexts. This platform allows Rosie to connect with a broad audience, within and beyond the art form of dance. Rosie’s work has been supported by Arts Council England, East London Dance, Dance Umbrella, The Barbican, the Cultural Olympiad and Big Dance.

Future Plans

Rosie’s aims for the next few years are:

Being bold, brave and innovative
Striving to create iconic, pop, cool, irreverent and sophisticated work
Pushing the art form and the sector forward
Developing her work as a dance film maker
Continue collaborating with different artists across different sectors

Education work

Rosie has ten years’ experience creating and facilitating projects with children, young people and older adults. She was recently commissioned by Create and the Barbican to create a performance installation with video artist Hannah Perry. Rosie worked with hard to reach young people from Woolwich London who had not danced or performed before.

She is Creative Director of a brand new youth centre, Spotlight in Poplar, East London working with hard to reach young people in London’s most deprived borough and has produced and facilitated dance projects on behalf of national touring companies including Rambert for theatres including the Lyric and for local authorities. She is an accredited Arts Award leader, has £5million public liability insurance and DBS clearance.

Current Projects

Dear Lido

Dear Lido is a playful performance based on the splendor of the much-loved outdoor public pool. Dear Lido celebrates the past and present histories of British swimming culture. The piece brings together visually beautiful moments overlaid with a sense of nostalgia and escapism. Dear Lido has toured to 42 national outdoor and indoor venues bringing the allure, glamour and tradition of this bye-gone era.

Onwards and Upwards

Onwards and Upwards is a site-generic performance project created by Rosie Whitney-Fish for airport departure lounges. Inspired by rituals and traditions of air travel, Onwards and Upwards provides an uplifting dance experience for a ready-made audience of airport travelers and staff and a witty and insightful commentary on our love-hate relationship with flying. The project has two elements.  At its heart is a production of dance theatre choreographed and styled by Rosie Whitney-Fish. The second element is a retrospective photographic and video exhibition forming a legacy for the project at each airport and online.

New Town

NEW TOWN, bringing pop up performances to a shopping centre or high street near you!

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RosieWhitneyFish_Dear Lido Olympic copy
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Dear Lido. Photo: Gigi Giannella

Photo: Tom Green

Photo: Hannah Perry

Dear Lido. Photo: Andrew Baker

Dear Lido. Photo: Carmen Klammer

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RosieWhitneyFish_Dear Lido_9907 thumbnail

“Evocative of a lost age, very inventive, great fun and entertaining.”

Audience Feedback, Dear Lido 2013

“Fun and friendly, I loved the sound track, the children’s faces so excited. Nostalgic – just brilliant.”

Audience Feedback, Dear Lido 2012

“You are so calm and professional. I think the young people will take that away from the experience! Young people loved working with the genre of dance-theatre - I don’t think they had even heard of it before. Thank you for opening up their minds!”

Teacher’s feedback on workshop facilitation


Projects with East London Dance

Dear Lido
Merce Circus
Postcards from East London


More information
Twitter: @rwhitneyfish


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