Kloe Dean

Myself UK Dance Company

Creative Mission

Kloe’s creative mission is to practice, create, teach and take part in authentic yet unique hip hop dance work. She aims to create her own recognised style and interpretation of dance, which is strong and recognisable internationally. She wants to empower others through her craft, and always works to pass on what she learns to others.


Kloe is a passionate and unique hip hop dancer, choreographer and freestyler from London. She is part of one of the UK’s leading street dance companies, Boy Blue Entertainment, as well as leading her own all female dance collective ‘Myself UK Dance’. Kloe has performed in numerous productions, showcases and competitions in and around the UK as well as dancing for music artists and touring with Blaze. She has also showcased her own choreography at Breakin Convention and the international Hip Hop championships in Las Vegas and appeared on Channel 4, CBBC and Sky 1.

Myself UK Dance Company is a collective of strong, female, hip hop dancers formed to inspire females of all ages. The company promote empowerment, ambition, individuality and self worth through the medium of hip hop dance and the slogan ‘I ♥ Myself’.

Kloe Dean formed MYSELF UK DANCE COMPANY with the aim of representing females positively in hip hop dance and to break the stereotypes of a largely male dominated form.

Education work

Kloe regularly teaches classes across London.

Current Projects


Icon is a conceptual dance show celebrating female icons created by Myself UK Dance Company. Some of the best hip hop companies and artists have been invited to create new work, inspired by their female icon of choice, in celebration of International Women’s Week. The show debuted in March 2013 with a completely sold out show and followed with another sold out show in March 2014.


Myself UK Dance are currently part of the B.Supreme UK and European tour. The company are touring two pieces – ‘Under The Knife’ choreographed by Kloe Dean and Bring it Out, a piece put together as part of The 7 Steps Project with Marion Motin from France.

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Collabo dance event at East London Dance

Hugo Glendinning

Myself UK Dance Company. Photo: Irven Lewis

Myself UK Dance Company, Icon, 2013. Photo: Irven Lewis

Collabo, 2013. Photo: Alex Rumford

Photo: Millie Robson

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Collabo dance event at East London Dance thumbnail
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“….a slice of spiky but soulful all-girl action from locals Myself”

Lyndsey Winship, Breakin Convention Review 2013, The Evening Standard.

“I really didn’t think anything could get better than all the performances I saw that night until Myself UK Dance Company stepped in! The historical journey of Rosa Parks was by far the most outstanding presentation of Icon 2014.”

Lucy Marskell, Fresh Thoughts 2014


Projects with East London Dance

Street Dance Class
Coronation Festival
The Fi.ELD
Street Stories


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